About Us

There are darknesses in life and there are lights

About Us

“Surround yourself with people of diverse perspectives that can disagree with you without the fear of retaliation. Because, you might have a brilliant strategy and a plan to execute that, but if you are playing a solo match, chances are you will end up losing to a team.”


Sanjiv Gupta, Group Founder

Adwin Innovations Private Limited is a Joint Venture Startup and collaboration between accomplished technocrat Mandeep Singh Bhatia and businessman Rishabh Gupta who is also one of the Directors of the Unique Group. Adwin Innovations is amongst the few service providers in the lighting industry, and also the manufacturers of one of a kind LED products, that can be recycled even after their expiry at minimum costs. Our goal since the very beginning has been to create customer experiences that primarily emphasizes on the convenience of our customers, while we also aim to ensure social responsibility and smart practices that comply with environmental needs.


The Unique Group has been in business for over 25 years, they stepped into a variety of fields, especially the manufacturing of plywood, particle board and MDF. In 2011 they founded Unique Energos Pvt. Ltd. In this company they have an extensive influence in the energy field, with Adwin Batteries forming a vital part of the business structure, covering solar batteries, inverter batteries, automobile batteries and many more. Since its establishment in 1995, the Unique Group has seen a yearly exponential growth, and their turnover currently stands at Rs. 520 Cr.



Mandeep Singh Bhatia, who has an Electrical Engineering degree from BBSB Engineering College, Punjab is the other front-runner and director of our company. We were selected among top start-ups of India in ‘Startup India Rocks’ competition which was held in Banglore in 2016-17. Mandeep’s innovative Green Energy Conservative Project, which was aired on television for months, has been recognised by the Punjab Energy Development Association and received various prestigious awards.

Rishabh Gupta, our prime-mover and director leads the business and administration aspect of Adwin Innovation, whose dynamic stewardship brings knowledge and new-age outlook from his tenure at The Unique Group.Rishabh who has also pursued his degree in law, foresaw the importance of investing in the conservation of the environment which is the need of the hour.




The motive behind launching our application“The Lighting  Masters”, is to reduce carbon footprints that are emitted by the manufacturing and eventual discarding of any and all types of LED lighting products.Various studies suggest that 17 per cent of the total carbon footprint emitted worldwide is through lighting alone.

We also aim to increase the life-span of these LED lights (irrespective of their manufacturing company) by 10 times and also ensure that they provide the maximum amount of efficiency for our customers. As these LED lights grow older, they begin to lose their efficiency, which in turn makes them produce more carbon footprints.

With the help of The Lighting Masters, our consumers can simply request the aid of our agents, who we will be stationed at all major cities of India. Adwin Innovation agents will inspect and analyse the lighting products of our customers regardless of what kind of needs they have, ranging from providing  assistance in their apartment to large-scale industries. Our services would include taking backthenon-functioning LEDs or the LEDs that are losing their life and efficiency, to repair them, and bring them up-to maximum efficiency, before delivering them back to our customers. In the case that the LED lights are irreparable, we will replace them with new LEDs that follow our premium standards of long life-span and maximum efficiency.




Rishabh and Mandeep share a unified vision, a desire to see clean and green energy through efficient lighting and hence they decided to collaborate. They aim to build enduring relationships with Customers, Suppliers and Employeesby leveraging the very latest technology to provide premium  quality products and services.

Unique Energos has an unparalled expertise and presence in energy sector with its especially their solar batteries thathighly encourage environment-friendly energy consumption,  which aligns with Mandeep’s innovations.We are certain that with the already established brand value of the Group, Adwin Innovations will be able to build a substantial business catering to the needs of all.



  • Over two decades of experience and guidance of our group leader Mr. Sanjiv Gupta.
  • Over two decades of building trust and relationships with customers
  • Business, industry, and subject matter knowhow
  • Serving society and ensuring our responsibility as a major business practice by taking steps to encourage green energy consumption and minimizing carbon footprints
  • We are committed to consistently provide enhanced value to our customers and to achieve ever-increasing levels of customer satisfaction through continuous quality services.

We are not just concerned with provided premium quality services but do the same at bare minimum expense.